About Us

Framed on Fifth, created by Hannah White and Patricia Gustafson emerged March 11, 2011. This quaint little artisan shop is in the heart of the Hillhurst Sunnyside community. The 1911 historical building is located just across the street from the Hillhurst Community Centre at 1207 5th Ave NW.

Hannah brings to the art of framing a BA in art and art history from the University of Guelph, twenty years of framing experience, a great imagination and a fabulous talent as a sculptor. Patricia, with her detailed background in fibre arts, flamboyant oil and acrylic painting, along with Hannah  can turn your framing experience into a most enjoyable experience.

Please drop by to check out our monthly exhibits or just for a great cup of coffee – sometimes (weather permitting) in our delightful little back garden.