Whether framing an amazing original work of art or a special dodad, each is treated as a one of a kind special event.

Your most precious work is safe with our archival framing techniques and expert, original advice. We have framed everything from an antique Japanese fan, ceremonial dagger, 19th century needlepoint sampler, butterflies, mirrors and “oh yes”, watercolours, oils and everything in between.

Our framing inventory encompasses everything from modern stainless steel to hand gilded Rococo. We can stretch both blank canvases or special memories from other countries and we welcome artists, collectors, and businesses for all manner of  projects.

Quotes   Offered free of charge and much easier if you come in with your art work so we can work up a detailed design. It is often hard to give an accurate quote over the phone as there are so many choices of  frames and well, everything.

Lead Time  With our special attention to your work we are generally able to complete your project in approx.   one week.