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framed on fifth

Framed on Fifth was founded to channel passion for artistic expression into offering distinctive, customized framing.  Framing, seen as an art unto itself, is considered a complementary addition. The store is known for its sensitive approach to both the functional and the beautiful aspects of framing.

  A little store but mighty.


Regular Hours: Tues – Sat  10:00 – 5:00pm



What  Framed on Fifth  Loves to Do


       Frame Couture: Discover a curated collection of frames, meticulously chosen to elevate your art to its fullest potential.

       Artistry in Matting: Customized matting using a palette of textures and colours that perfectly match your artwork

       Dimensional Storytelling: Shadow boxes are more than displays; they are custom-built stages for your cherished memories and treasures.

      Timeless Preservation: Safeguard your valuable artwork through conservation framing techniques.

      Elevated Elegance: Create the illusion of art floating effortlessly within a floater frames used for canvases and panels, adding a touch of modern sophistication.

       Seamless Precision: Tailored canvas stretching to suit your artwork’s unique needs and style.


Painting by Marlene Whyte


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Fine Art




the gallery

Framed on Fifth hosts a boutique gallery showcasing some of the best local talent. Every month a new show.



Both Hannah and Patricia are accomplished artists in their own rights. Their artwork is available for viewing and purchase at Framed on Fifth:


Hannah White

Hannah’s focus is on stone work “which contains such strength and beauty of line unmatched for me in wood or clay with absolutely gorgeous colours while allowing nature some control.”


patricia gustafson

Patricia’s focus is paintings depicting and analyzing her passion for horse, where the “Images come from her imagination and are displayed in a painterly fashion, rich in heavy texture. Delightfully” whimsical and charged with energy these images come alive in the vibrant colours.