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framed on fifth

Framed on Fifth was founded to direct our passion for artistic expression towards providing distinctive, customized framing. An art unto itself, we view framing as a complimentary addition.  We are known for our sensitive approach to both the functional and the beautiful .  Our little store is small but mighty.


Regular Hours are  Tues – Sat  10:00 – 5:00pm

CLOSED Sat May 6 -Tues 9, back Wed May 10






Painting by Marlene Whyte


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the gallery

Framed on Fifth hosts a boutique gallery showcasing some of the best local talent. Every month a new show.



Both Hannah and Patricia are accomplished artists in their own rights. Their artwork is available for viewing and purchase at Framed on Fifth:


Hannah White

Hannah’s focus is on stone work “which contains such strength and beauty of line unmatched for me in wood or clay with absolutely gorgeous colours while allowing nature some control.”


patricia gustafson

Patricia’s focus is paintings depicting and analyzing her passion for horse, where the “Images come from her imagination and are displayed in a painterly fashion, rich in heavy texture. Delightfully” whimsical and charged with energy these images come alive in the vibrant colours.