designed & customized

for your art

designed & customized

for your art


framed on fifth

Welcome to the unique world of custom framing, where your art and treasured memories are transformed into artful masterpieces in this little artisan shop.

Owner and artist, Hannah White, possesses a discerning artistic eye and specializes in crafting unique, customized approaches to each project.

Your framing, viewed as an art in itself, is thoughtfully approached with both functionality and beauty in mind.

A little store but mighty.

Regular Hours: Tues – Sat  10:00 – 5:00pm

CLOSED  July 1 – 29, 2024

Painting by Marlene Whyte

What  Framed on Fifth Loves to Do

Frame Couture

Discover a curated collection of frames, meticulously chosen to elevate your art to its fullest potential.

Artistry in Matting

Customized matting using a palette of textures and colours that perfectly match your artwork.

Dimensional Storytelling

Shadow boxes are more than displays; they are custom-built stages for your cherished memories and treasures.

Timeless Preservation

Safeguard your valuable artwork through conservation framing techniques.

Elevated Elegance

Create the illusion of art floating effortlessly within floater frames used for canvases and panels, adding a touch of modern sophistication.

Seamless Precision

Tailored canvas stretching to suit your artwork’s unique needs and style.


the gallery

Framed on Fifth hosts a boutique gallery showcasing some of the best local talent. Every month a new show.