I consider myself lucky having grown up with immigrant parents whose summer passion was exploring the Canadian wilderness and who played at being pioneers. I continue to enjoy and play in nature. I studied Fine Arts at the University of Guelph, and then with itchy feet hopped on a west bound train. The love of art has played a huge role in my career of picture framing which began in 1996 in both retail and commercial environments.

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I am drawn to working in stone with its unmatched strength and beauty of line and nature’s gorgeous colours. I enjoy the process of carving, delightfully removing chunks of stone that sometimes ricochet off the studio walls.  This is a process which is destructive and creative at the same time and for me hearkens back to a prehistoric time. No, I don’t quite go back so far as to work by candle light… but I could!



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I think I have the best job in the world. I get to see amazing works of art, your special treasures and pieces with stories to tell, while using my creative and technical expertise.  You have goals in regards to design, conservation and problem solving which combined with my 20 years experience in the framing industry make ours a great match.

To attain the perfect,
customized frame for your artwork: