“Forgotten” is a journey through the heart of Western Canada and  U.S. locations with the photographer Dan Gordon.  For more than 60 years, Dan has honed his craft, becoming well known for the art of capturing the extraordinary within the ordinary. For  25 years Dan was an instructor at ACAD in the Photography Program and has a background in commercial photography as well.  He has an acute eye for detail and a deep reverence for the nuances of black and white photography including dark room work, printing gelatin silver prints, and working from regular and infrared film.

Infrared film, with its ethereal and surreal qualities, adds an otherworldly dimension to many of the images. Shadows become dreams, and there is a grainy quality, where the quiet starkness of these views are brought to life with an almost mythical quality.

Each photograph invites you to linger, to ponder the stories that lie beneath the surface. In the solitude of these places lives have been quietly lived, dreams have been nurtured, and histories have been written in the lines of weathered boards.

You’ll encounter the nostalgia-laden views of old structures standing as sentinels of a bygone era, streets lined with quaint storefronts that have witnessed generations, and the timeless beauty of landscapes that have borne witness to countless seasons.

This exhibit is part of Exposure Festival. More more info : Exposure (exposurephotofestival.com)