Seeing Through Layers is a show to invite the viewer to ponder the labour of Love required to create each detailed work. Each layer connected to a deeper hidden message. Opening the mind allows for these messages to come through. Signs of affirmation are all around us – through art, objects, nature, human and spiritual experience – it is all connected.


Karyn Joy Williams has been creating glass beads (known as lampwork) and evolving her jewelry craft, Joydream, alongside her meditation and spiritual practice. Following a childhood passion for beads – Karyn feels all things are connected and through her journey of Joydream continues to bring the Magick and beauty of Being to the surface for all to witness.


Joining Karyn is Sculpture Artist, Knicki Markolf – who has been carving different materials from stone to wood for 30 years – to her latest interpretation of painting – paint carving. Through layer upon layer (150+) of acrylic paint to carve down and through these layers has become an exploration of deepening and revealing the magic that lays underneath the surface.


An eye for detail, a love of color, and a message that all things are connected play into these works of art.