Exploring the Canadian Rockies from the valley floor to the summits of its magnificent peaks has given me the privilege of witnessing the best sculptures in the world, formed by Nature. Often the first words out of my mouth are “what the heck” or “how the heck”.  I sit and ponder, wondering how the sun, snow, rain, and wind interact together to chisel and model such elegant and mystifying sculptures. I am amazed by the velvety contours, geometry, and faceted grit of Nature’s art work.  After these moments of enchantment, I grab my camera to capture my bold stories of Nature’s sculptures.  I walk away, content. knowing that I witnessed a unique moment in nature as the elements continue to sculpt in different forms and when the warmth arrives they will never be seen in the same way again.

I am excited to display fifteen of my favourite bold stories of nature’s sculptures.  These are from some of my most memorable adventures in the Rockies, whether I was exploring the ancient ice of glaciers, channeling my inner child skating on wild ice or climbing to the top of mountains.

Lee Nordbye


Lee Nordbye’s approach in “Sculpt “is a refreshing anomaly to colourful & sweeping  mountain scenes. These works are a reminder that beyond the rugged skylines, turquoise lakes & fiery sunrises, Mother Nature is still at work, but creating marvels on a more intimate scale, offering hidden splendor that is only revealed to the keen, careful observer. Through his body of work, Lee demonstrates extraordinary commitment and passion, and brings us the overlooked magic of the Canadian Rockies.

Paul Zizka