A Sojourn to Serenity

December 1 , 2020 – January 30, 2021


Thom Childrey

Rich jewel tones describe much of Thom’s oil paintings and there is a beautiful stillness.  Thom is an avid fly fisherman  as well as artist and feels the pull of the outdoors.

“When I am out in the backcountry everything is richer in colour and deeper in meaning. The babble of stream, the pull of the current, the sound of the wind flowing through the trees has provided the inspiration for my paintings. I enjoy capturing that instant, which slips by, letting us relive that moment again and again as we pass by that painting. None of this would have happened with out the strong influence of a wonderful friend, Dale Auger and studying under a Woodlands Cree Medicine Women, Rose Auger . I am very grateful to Dale for mentoring me and inspiring me to pick up the brush again. Rose opened my eyes to many things I would have never seen or experienced. The traditional way of living with the earth only ties into my paintings, since they are an extension of my surroundings. Our amazing world has opened up in front of me.  I look forward to sharing this journey with all of you.”


You can view the whole show with this video that starts with a little insight from Thom’s own words at the beginning.

Grab your coffee and enjoy.

Framed on Fifth Dec 2020 – YouTube



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